Eine ganz schöne Liste, die sich nicht nur für D&B-Producer zu lesen lohnt: Viele der Tips sind völlig Genre-unabhängig und lassen sich auch auf andere Stilistiken übertragen.

Nachstehend die ersten drei, den Rest findet ihr unter diesem Link.

1. Compression, now before everyone gets their knickers in a knot. I’m not talking about squeezing the life out of your
drums. I’m talking about using a compressor on your drum buss to help glue all your drum sounds together. Its important to make your drums sound like one uniform cohesive sound and compression will do the trick quite well.

2. Try to separate all your drums onto their own tracks. This makes it nice and easy for level changes but also if something needs replacing later in the mix as well.

3. Try adding a touch of reverb to your drums to bring them to life and to make them sound more natural.