Tempest Besitzer aufgepasst! Für DSI’s analoge Drum Machine gibt’s ‘ne neue Firmware:

“Analog Drum Machine Gets Enhanced Feature Set and New Sounds, Beats, Projects

San Francisco, CA—January 3, 2015—Dave Smith Instruments has released a new operating system for their acclaimed Tempest analog drum machine that adds a number of highly requested features — as well as entirely new internal sounds, beats, and projects. The new version, OS 1.4, ships with newly purchased instruments and is also available for download from the company’s website for users wishing to upgrade instruments with older versions of the OS.

Notable among the new features are:

– Increased sequence length (up to 128 sixteenth notes, or 8 measures of 4/4)
– Arpeggiation
– New modal scales
– Free-running LFOs
– Compressor envelope controls
– Quantize disable
– A total of 928 new factory sounds, 64 new beats, and 16 new projects

“The new OS adds several powerful new features to an already powerful instrument,” said Smith. “And we’ve enlisted the talents of some heavy-hitting sound and beat designers to come up with a extensive amount of new content that’s not only fresh and inspiring, but also versatile.””

Hier gehts zum Download