Das wohl wahnsinnigste Unterfangen in Sachen Synthesizer der letzten Jahre kommt von Stefan Schmidt: ein 55 Kilo schwerer voll analoger Synthesizer!

via John Bowen:
“I thought I’d get you the first news about a new, 8-voice all analog synthesizer debuting at Messe in the EMC/Moog Booth (along with the Solaris, Muse, Spektralis, and Mellotron stuff).It has presets, it has 7 filters (3 ladder type, 4 state variable 12 dB set up as 2 ‘dual filters’) and 4 Oscs – each osc is a bit different. Something like 107 knobs on the thing!
The designer is Stefan Schmidt, but not the one who runs Native Instruments – it’s yet another ‘Smith’ in the synth world 🙂
It’s got stereo outs, individual voice outs, and some control voltage inputs (I think 4). I’ll try to get you more info later.By the way – it sounds great! And it’s a REAL heavyweight synth – with the travel case (like an anvil case) it’s 55 kilos!!

Bisher ist nicht weiteres bekannt, doch wir halten euch auf dem Laufenden!

via MS