Airwindows Floor

Bass macht immer Spass! Hier das Weihnachtsgeschenk von Airwindows zu dem Thema:

So here’s a new must-have plugin for bass or kickdrum- Airwindows Floor!

The way it works is, the Floor control sets a ‘frequency floor’ below which frequencies don’t go. It’ll cut out the subsonics, but uses special processing to synthesize harmonics to fill in the gap. So far not that different from ‘mega bass’ plugins that have been around for ages- but wait, there’s more!

The Drive control adds Airwindows saturation and emphasis to the resulting signal, antialiased to produce a really powerful, articulate signal- and then, the dry/wet control lets you blend the raw signal (with its unconstrained low end) with the processed one (with the controlled lows).

I’d been using Density for just this for a long time, and just decided it might be interesting to use the mega-bass routine instead of the simple highpass Density had- and created a monster. This can be used to bring up mids or treble on basses in a very useful way, or just use it to tighten the extreme lows without changing the sound. It beats Density handily at doing that, and Density was already a secret weapon of mine. If you do that Charles Dye ‘MiLaR’ thing and need to throw midrange overdrive on basses to get them to drive the mix and sit with heavy guitars, this is your plugin, in a big way.


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