Audio Studio Manager

Eine Idee, die wohl fast jeder von uns schonmal hatte: Audio Studio Manager ist eine schlanke Software für Studiobetreiber, um den Überblick über Projekte, Timings und Equipment nicht zu verlieren. Entwickler Mario Gil schreibt dazu:

The best way to understand the Audio Studio Manager is to know the reasons that led me to create it.

I’ve been recording Brazilian music in the last 20 years, first in a home studio and then in a small studio. During this time, I always looked for an effective way to write down my activities, especially things like how much time I spent to complete a particular job; how much was charged and how much has been paid; what songs have been recorded … and the list goes on for an infinity.
I used text editors, spreadsheets, database set up … everything always more or less …

With some programming experience, I decided to create a small application to meet my needs, an application focused on things that might be useful to the musician and producer who records his own work and can then expand that universe. So I created Audio Studio Manager.

The wish to share this application came quickly and I decided to publish it on the Mac App Store.
From this point, others ideas are being added to my own, and that makes this experience very exciting.

Bisher nur lauffähig auf Mac, soll wohl auch eine Windows Version folgen – ich bin gespannt!

Kaufen könnt ihr das Teil im App Store für faire 11,99 €, wer auf dem Laufenden bleiben möchte, checkt Twitter!