Es ist immer wieder schön, wenn zufriedene Kunden uns ihre Eindrücke der gekauften Gerätschaften hinterlassen. In diesem Fall der stolze Besitzer der ersten Latch Lake Stative in Europa.

For a long time I was looking for serious microphone stands to match with the vintage mic collection I use for my production in LowSwing studio, be it a project like the million seller pop band “Keane” or Echo awarded winner jazz artist like Michael Wollny ,one need a mic stand where you can place a heavy (and really expensive!) mic and it will STAY there safe for the rest of the session even if it is a week long… more then this, every cm is crucial when it comes to mic placement and the stand should support and give this flexibility .
sounds easy but I was looking for this mic-stand for 15 years… and I haven’t find one till I was introduced to Latch lake mic stands.
Latch Lake can do all these and much more , these are by far the most stable stands I used they can get very high and still old a heavy mic (think of M49, U47, Coles or old RCA) in its place ,the mechanical system is so clever it just let you place your mic anywhere you want without compromises and the mic will guarantee to stay there, all the placement done without needing to turn any parts and with no need to use physical power .
moving a mic array like decca tree etc was impossible before, with latch lake I can roll the stands with the mics on it without even calling the assistant.
the Xtra boom let me placing many mics on ONE latch lake stand allow me to do some crazy miking without using extra floor space, especially with drums it is priceless.
I think for all these advances and the extreme high build quality these stands are also very reasonable priced and for anyone that own expensive mics and want to take care of them, anyone that care about precise miking Latch lake is a must.

Guy Sternberg
LowSwing Studio

Folgend noch ein paar Bilder der Stative von Chanan Strauss aus den LowSwing Studios. Danke!