Eine feine Freeware-Überraschung für das sonnige Wochenende: Wave Alchemy haben eine TR-808 mit einer Studer A80 Bandmaschine aufgenommen und veröffentlichen das Ergebnis kostenlos.

808 Tape by Wave Alchemy serves up over 300 drum samples from the classic TR-808 drum machine. Previously only available to early adopters of our Syncussion Drums library, 808 Tape is now available as a free download to all!

All drums have been recorded directly to 1/4″ analogue tape via a Studer A80 Mk1 tape machine with each sound boasting multiple saturation settings!

What’s included in the pack?

  • 318 24-bit 100% royalty free tape drum hits!
  • 87 kick drum samples
  • 90 snare drums
  • 42 toms
  • 39 hi hats
  • 60 percussion hits including clap, clave, cowbell & crash
  • Clean, saturated and driven variations of each sound

You can grab the full pack by visiting the 808 Tape product page HERE (requires being logged in)

Alternatively you can download the samples directly from HERE (no login required!)

Happy x0xing!