AfroDJMac is back, diesmal mit einem sehr empfehlenswerten Download: ein Yamaha CP-35 Piano/Synth. Das CP-35 klingt angenehm verträumt und eignet sich für ruhige Flächen und sanftes Plätschern.

The CP-35. I tried to copy the effects that are present on the original CP-35 (tremolo and flanger) while adding a few additional ones (delay, chorus, vibrato). This particular keyboard has been on many recordings I’ve done in the past and offers everything from a nice subtle “backbone” to guitar chords, to some prominent lead melodies (adding distortion or running it through a guitar amp an be a lot of fun). I’m finding I can get an extremely wide range of tones running this through Ableton’s Amp/Cabinet plug ins. Maybe in the future I’ll record some shorter samples and reverse them to create something similar to my reversed piano rack.



via CDM