Simmons SDS-IV: Aleph Null Kicks by ynohtna

Der Tumblr-Blogger Lowbroweye hat seine Simmons-Drums fein säuberlich abgesamplet und auf Soundcloud zum Download freigegeben. Tolle rohe Klänge, die allerdings ordentlich Platz im Mix brauchen.

So this is the exceptionally raw, powerful, and uncompromisingly synthetic sound of my beloved Simmons SDS-IV Drum Synthesizer kicking its toys out of the pram when tickled by a Roland TR 707.
I recorded about 4 minutes of various sounds from it, with just the barest hint of equalisation and compression, and extracted the reasonably usable snippets you see (hear?) before you. Only on the Heavy Chirp/Cheep loops do I bring in the second drum synth channel for the high-pitched animal squeal (that received some Moogerfooger phasing and a touch of Lexicon delay). Everything else, every hiss, thip, thump, crack, boom comes from just a single channel of this monster’s demonic circuitry.