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Die Gaming-Website Kotaku widmet der flauen Nachrichtenzeit zwischen den Jahren ein großes Gamemusik-Special. Dazu werden die subjektiv ausgesuchten besten Soundtracks von Spielen dieses Jahres präsentiert und analysiert/abgefeiert.

Interessant ist der Artikel zu dem seltsamen Zelda/Rogue Klon “The Binding of Isaac”, in der Danny Barowski, der Komponist selbst, zu Wort/zum Fluchen kommt:

Late in development, most of the music was done, and I had some time to polish/add extra shit, and so I started doing like the “Shop Theme (Greed)” and “Ambush Room Theme (Burning Ambush)”, and I felt that the secret rooms (you find them by bombing walls) was a great opportunity to introduce music unlike most of the rest of the game, kind of a contrast to the madness/insanity/evil of the rest of the game.

The funny thing about “Respite” is that the idea for the arrangement came to me instantly, and the whole track was sone in about 15 minutes. Not terribly impressive, it’s very short, but the funny thing is Omnisphere (the VST used to make it) had some some dumb ass bug that made it POP every time it looped. I spent hours screaming at my buddy Jimmy Hinson (Big Giant Circles, worked on Mass Effect 2 soundtrack) who is kind of an Omnisphere guru and he calmed me down and helped me fix it. and then, to top it all off, because of the way the game was coded (flash) all the tracks have gaps when they repeat anyway, so it didn’t even matter….

Wer also selbst Game-Musik komponiert oder einen Einblick in diese Welt bekommen möchte, dem sei das Special ans Herz gelegt.