Joe Barresi, seines Zeichens einer der interessantesten Produzenten die in den 90igern die Bühne betreten haben zeigt sich begeistert vom Electrodyne 501 Pre-Amp. Barresi ist verantwortlich für diverse Klassiker (jawohl wir haben ja schon 2011) darunter das Debutalbum  der Queens of the Stoneage. Es folgten die Melvins, Weezer, Turbonegro… und und und. Wem wenigstens eine dieser Bands ein Begriff ist weiss worum es geht.

Und eben  dieser Joe sagt :

I’ve been an Electrodyne and Quad Eight fan for a long time, and I’ve known Ken Hirsch at Orphan Audio for years. He’s turned me on to all sorts of  stuff in the past, so when he showed me the prototype of the 501 earlier this year, I was anxious to try it. My friend Bill Malina, who is a great engineer, happened to be with me at the time, so we threw it into a rack and checked it out on some drums, particularly a snare drum.

When we first heard it, we both freaked out. It sounded fantastic, providing the perfect blend of attack and size. The headroom was amazing, having no problem handling the sound pressure – even when it wasn’t padded – and still maintaining all the detail in the top end. I loved it. It sounded like an API with a pair of balls.

Normally, I had another preamp that I preferred to use in my snare chain, but when we tried out the 501, it absolutely shredded my previous favorite. So the 501 immediately became my new ‘go-to’ module and I’ve used a pair of them on snare top and bottom for almost everything since then.

There are so many flavors of outboard mic pres on the market now, but some things you need and some things you don’t. The Electrodyne 501 was one of those things that I plugged in and thought ‘I already have 104 mic pres, not including my SSL, but I really do need to have two of these.’ They’re that damn good.